To the not required “social media influencers”

who have taken the responsibility

to body shame others due to their

advantage of undefined standard of beauty.

Thighs, thin or thick , doesn’t define character.
Face , clear or having pimples, doesn’t define nature.
Waist- tiny or big , doesn’t define personality
Height- small or big , doesn’t define values.

The perfectly fake social media

has set the standards

for a beautiful girl and handsome boys.

And guess what,

there wasn’t any voting.

The platform that was created

for connecting people has

changed into a means of body shaming ,

harassment and trolling.

The defining of a person is now

limited to his/ her body,

that was ultimately a creation of god.

Every person is beautiful and unique.

And if you fail to notice this,

then it isn’t their fault.

There are different forms of beauty.

It’s ok if you don’t understand every form,

but it’s clearly wrong to criticise

what we don’t understand.

Behind every person you find different,

there’s a story , you aren’t willing to listen.

The very terms created by you –

fatso, weirdo, bean bag boy

are neither benefiting them or you,

then what’s the point?

And even if you say , it brings you joy,

then you belong to the sick kind of society.

You know today’s problem?

Everyone was happy with their bodies

before they had to hear comments

rather than appreciation.

Why can’t you let them be happy

with their bodies,

let them be happy with the way they are,

and no matter how many flaws they have?

Unlike you, they don’t believe in a

standardised beauty.

They find beauty in smiles and hearts.

Who are you to decide or justify

the standards of a beautiful person?

If you think having many followers

gives you the power

of judging other creations of god,

then I highly doubt your followers preferences.

To that every person who has flaws and

doubt themselves ,

I just want to say-

Flaunt your flaws

Because being perfect is just so boring.

Saniya Makhija

Instagram handle:

One thought on “Undefined Definition of Beauty

  1. Well penned. More power to you. It is always about the kind of person one is, beyond their name, wealth, body, etc. People who are rotten from inside let their inferiority complex get the best of them and then they flaunt their stereotypical body shape with the intent to demean others for who they are.


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