Monumental Health

Rashi Gupta

B.A. (Hons.) Political Science

Jesus and Mary College

“The reason I talk about Mental Health and try to raise awareness about the same is because this is something very personal to me. I have firsthand experienced what it feels like to have a disorder. It opened my eyes to so many realities. It was how the society treated me, positively and negatively on account of my disorder that made me feel the need to stand up. Not just for myself but for anyone suffering. I feel it is the experiences of people like us, who have battled disorders that will help normalise such issues. “

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The Informed Individual

Manya Nagarajan and Mehak Khattar

B.A Journalism and Mass Com.

Amity University

As students of journalism, we realise that some of the information we learn if put out in the world, will make ordinary people better news consumers and give them tools necessary to educate and inform themselves. News literacy, a subject that is taught to us as one of our foundation courses, we now understand, is just as important for the layman in order for them to gain useful knowledge from the vast amount of news and information that is accessible on the internet. The journalist is armed with the sword, that is their pen and the ordinary citizen is armed with the pistol that is the internet; united they may fight for what is just.Through ‘The Informed Individual’, we aim to help our audiences learn to discern fact from fiction and know what to trust on the web, in our capacity as students.

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Ishita Dutta

B.A. (Hons.) Global Affairs

O.P Jindal Global University

Ishita is a 19 years old feminist who is tired of the question ‘ Why is it called feminism and not equalism? ‘ and decided to write articles to enlighten the world with her torch light of feminism and also to knock down patriarchy. 

Anshika Bhatnagar


Anshika likes to see the world from a looking glass belonging to different people, and then write about the glimpses she sees from the same. She has a website, which is a collection of poems which seek to give an insight in the psyche of various individuals, knitted together by common emotions.

One Right Stand

Not for Girls, Not for Guys. A stand for Humanity

“Our aim is to work towards shaping a common national emotion towards what’s happening around us. Some events demand a lot of Public Outrage and when this outrage becomes viral, authorities are forced to take right action. Besides that, in the time of a lot of horrible news, the society needs people to comment on the news and convey what was actually right or wrong so thats where the need of a common emotion with regard to the right opinions comes in.”

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Muhammad Rohaib


Aitchison College

“Many girls in Pakistan who are denied education in order to comply with traditions set up by the colonial system followed usually in the under developed areas of Pakistan. This article aims to raise awareness about the suppressed women with potential who are not allowed education and job participation as per mere customs and traditions. This might help them in receiving justice so that they can equally contribute to the economy as men”


Gagandeep kakkar and Kashish Bakshi

B.A.(Hons) Applied Psychology

Amity University

The reason we wrote on such a topic is because these issues have never been in limelight. We subconsciously become aware, we might even scroll past content that depicts a tragedy’s exploitation in the simplest of ways but never consider it as an issue or a topic for discussion. We want to spread awareness about how sensitive subject matters like death, suicide, a natural catastrophe are not something to be celebrated or used to call for attention. These matters have to be treated with utmost compassion and understanding. Therefore, it is important to be sincere and not take advantage of such events.”

Nivedita Bhalla

B.A Journalism and Mass Com.

Amity University

My purpose and passion for writing is born from my love for novels and cinema. Being a queer individual also helps in understanding the issues faced by different sections of the LGBTQIA+ community and so i feel i must try to do my bit by  documenting or writing about them.”

Tina Dahiya

B.Sc. Clinical Psychology

Shree Guru Gobind Tricentenary University

Anonymity about a person’s identity can persist despite the realness of thought.
Looks can often be deceiving but one’s writing is a dead giveaway. You wear your heart out on their sleeves and yet no one might know anything about the reality.
Writing to me is all about wearing my heart out on my sleeve

Avirat Parekh

B.A(Hons.) Global Affairs

O.P Jindal Global University

I love writing about things that I can write about because I truly believe in the phrase ‘a pen is mightier than a sword’ in terms of the sheer impact that words can have on the lives of an individual. Furthermore, it’s something that I can do naturally, I wonder what more I can do with this gift.

Saniya Makhija

Writing gives me peace. Writing is a relief from The outside world that is usually filled with negativity.
The urge to find happiness drives me to write and as a writer, I think, if i write about social issues and change people’s thinking about the same, then we could create the world, every book describes.

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